Young girl in the Dominican Republic

Young girl in the Dominican Republic

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First Presbyterian Church supports missionaries who are working as the "hands and feet" of God throughout the world.

Mike Reinsel - Mission: hope

Founded as Rivers of the World (ROW) in 1995 to tackle critical needs of unreached parts of the world – areas no one else was reaching, now this organization is called Mission: Hope. For more than 20 years,Mission: Hope has sent hundreds of short-term mission teams to remote communities around the world. Mission teams provide medical aid and community infrastructure construction, as well as conduct educational and trade school initiatives and Vacation Bible School classes. First Presbyterian Church has partnered with Mission: Hope on three international mission trips: once to Belize (2003) and twice to the Dominican Republic (2013 and 2016).

Rev. Amos Cahuich Yam - Campeche, Mexico

Rev. Yam is an ordained Presbyterian minister in the Presbyterian Church of Mexico who assisted our water treatment installation team that traveled to Campeche, Mexico with Living Waters for the World. Funds support Rev. Yam and the work that he is doing both in his congregation and at St. Paul's Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Merida, Mexico. Several years ago, our congregation helped purchase hearing aids for Rev. Yam's daughter, Hasindi, which enabled her to graduate from college.

Dr. Sasan Tavassoli - Outreach Foundation

Dr. Sasan Tavassoli is a former Shi'ite Muslim from Iran. In 1985, Sasan came to faith in Christ as the result of the ministry of a group of American missionaries while he was living in Portugal. Dr. Tavassoli was ordained in the Presbyterian Church of Iran and has been involved in ministry within the Iranian communities in Diaspora as a teacher and later as a pastor for the past two decades. In the last seven years the main focus of Dr. Tavassoli’s ministry has been teaching on Christian satellite TV.  His Farsi broadcasts are aired in the US, Europe and Iran every day of the week.  Sasan travels extensively within the United States, Europe and the Middle East to preach among Iranian Christians and is extensively involved in leadership training for the growing churches inside Iran.  He is now a minister in the Newest Reformed body in this country, a Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO).


In the summer of 2017, Dr. Douglas was in Montreat, NC where in a small gathering he heard a remarkable Christian testimony from Dr. Sasha Tsutserov, a former Russia KGB agent.  Sasha is now President of Moscow Evangelical Christian Seminary which has over 300 students.  Following his conversion Sasha went to St. Andrews University in Scotland where he received his Ph. D. in New Testament.  The Session invited Sasha to speak in November 2017 to our combined Sunday School classes and he preached at morning worship.  The Session then included scholarships for two students in the 2018 budget and 8 other persons provided total or partial scholarships.  We provided 10 full scholarships at $1,200 each for students in 2018!  God is blessing this seminary and its graduates are all staying in Russia to conduct their ministries.