Ministries >> Endowment

First Presbyterian Church has two endowment funds, which provide for ongoing financial support for our church's youth program and mission work. If you would like to discuss making a contribution to one of our endowment funds, please contact the church office at (662) 453-4680 to speak to a member of our staff.

Parish Fund

The Parish Fund was made possible by a generous gift from the Parish Family, which provides financial support for our youth ministry program. Since 1993, our church has been able to expend an average of $53,000 per year for our youth program, totaling over $1,200,000 over the life of the fund. Over the last 15 years, the Parish Fund has achieved an 8% annual return, surpassing the Standard & Poor's performance of 5.06% over the same time period. Funds are invested with Raymond James.

McKinnon Missionary Trust

The McKinnon Missionary Trust was established in 1983 to support our church's missionaries. Most recently, a $10,000 contribution was made to the Outreach Foundation in support of Dr. Peter Lim's ministry in China. The fund currently has a balance over $155,000 and has seen an average annual return of 8.85%. Funds are invested with Raymond James.