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5th Sunday of Easter / Blessing of the Crops

The last several years we have had as a part of the worship the last Sunday of April a “Blessing of the Crops” for our farmers and gardeners. The roots of such a service go all the way back in Europe in 470 AD. In this country such services started in 1929 as many churches began observing “Rogation Sunday”, “Rural Life Sunday”, or “Soil Stewardship Sunday”. “Earth Day” was also set around this time of year.

God’s creation is wonderful gift! Life for Adam and Eve began in a Garden. God promised the Hebrews that if they obeyed God then they could expect God’s blessings upon their land and their crops. In much of life we “reap what we sow”.

On April 29, bring some seeds from your farm or garden and we will ask God’s blessings on the seed, soil and water and on all who grow food and fiber.