Dental Clinic: Day 2

By Todd Fincher

Day two with the dental team was another outstanding success. Our friends picked us up at our hotel promptly at 8 a.m. to begin the day. We ventured through the city and into the countryside to a batey about one hour away. We passed miles and miles of sugarcane fields as literally as far as you could see. In them were the workers with machetes cutting and stacking the sugarcane on oxen drawn wagons, towards rail cars to be loaded to ship. The poorest of the poor and labor I really cannot envision.

We pulled into the small batey with Dr. Steve and Dr. Kevin's group transforming another church into a dental clinic with the same precision as yesterday. Today, Laura came with me and it was great sharing the day with her. She worked tirelessly doing everything from assisting me, to sterilization, to cleaning children's teeth and applying fluoride varnish. Eddie, Henry, Mary Steele, and Katharine Douglas were their usual amazing selves, doing everything that needed to be done to help the process run smoothly. Dr. Flautt and Katharine splinted a man's arm, which had been broken for four weeks with no care!

This is, as our group shares each night, where we saw God today. I saw him many places today, but none more than the view from our church into the countryside. As you looked up from the bloody mouth you had just gotten through extracting numerous teeth in, you viewed the beautiful, green, endless, sugarcane fields—purple mountains in the distance—and the shadows of clouds floating over them. As you looked back at your patient, you saw the face of thankfulness and appreciation. God is good, all the time.